Real scary Ghost demon or Poltergeist! Paranormal Events! My House is haunted!

ghost demon haunting scary ghosts poltergeist haunted ghosts

the video did not stop btw, when i lifted the camera towards the light it automatically adjusted, making it look like it stopped

Hello everyone, a lot of strange things happen in my house every so often. i managed to get an event on my camera phone, which explains some of the lighting distortions, and, given the frequency of the occurrences i was very lucky. There's no room for anyone to hide inside and even if there was, the door would have at least moved given the little room and the action of the paranormal event. but no, no movement. I'll try and get more on video but i'm not optimistic of my success. weird how it kind of bends around the doo.r turn up the volume btw you can here me say what the fuck :P"

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